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We have changed our name

On Wednesday 1 August 2012 we changed our name to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Prior to this date the organisation was known as the Health Professions Council (HPC).


The decision to change our name was made by government and is being brought about by the Health and Social Care Act 2012, which will also see us taking on the regulation of social workers in England. Although not everyone registered with us works in ‘health’ or ‘care’ the new name will better describe the diverse range of professions we regulate.

FAQ How was the name chosen?

Although the name was chosen by government, we had the opportunity to offer suggestions. To help us with this, we commissioned independent quantitative and qualitative research to gauge perceptions of possible names, which included telephone and online interviews with around 2,500 individuals, and discussion-based focus groups of between seven and eleven members.

We were particularly keen to understand the perceptions of members of the public, who are the potential service users of the professionals we regulate. One poll showed that 81 per cent of the general public felt that ‘Health and Care Professions Council’ could best reflect the role of a regulator of many different professions; another showed that 76 per cent of the general public associated the term ‘care professional’ with ‘social worker’. In the focus groups ‘Health and Care Professions Council’ was the preferred option with both the public and the professionals we currently regulate. Both groups viewed it as the most suitable name to cover the range of professions to be regulated by us. This was a unanimous outcome.

FAQWhat about your ‘strapline’?

We have previously used the strapline ‘Protecting the public; Regulating health professionals’ on a number of our communication materials. This will no longer be appropriate and instead we will use ‘Regulating health, psychological and social work professionals’. In developing this strapline we considered both the diversity of professions that we currently regulate (including practitioner psychologists who joined our Register in 2009) and the groups that we may regulate in the future (including public health professionals and healthcare support workers). It was not felt to be appropriate to name any one profession in our strapline; instead we have referred to some of the broad categories in which the professionals that we regulate work.

We will use this new strapline on all the materials which currently bear our strapline, including our website and social media platforms, our public information posters and leaflets and on the banners and display materials which we take to professional and public-facing conferences, exhibitions and events. We will use the strapline on our most public and prominent materials, with particular emphasis on materials which will be accessed by members of the public, to reinforce who we are and what we do.

FAQ How will this affect me?

We will be the same organisation and will continue to undertake the same functions. Correspondence from us after Wednesday 1 August 2012 will be from the HCPC. You will also see the new name and revised logo on our website, including the online renewal system, and on publications and display materials at events.

FAQWill this affect registration?

Current registration and our standards will be unchanged.

FAQWhat about the HPC registration logo?

We have developed a version of our main logo which registrants can use on their own communication materials to promote their registration with us. This is used mainly – but not entirely – by those working in private practice and can be used on stationery, marketing materials, appointment cards, websites, signage and vehicle livery. You must be registered with us to use the logo and must agree to a set of terms and conditions which govern the use of the logo.

This new logo will replace our current registration logo. If you are currently using the logo you will need to change your materials to include the new logo. You can find more information here.

FAQWhat about your website and email addresses?

Our new web address will be and our email addresses will end in ‘’.

FAQ How is the change being funded?

The change to our name – and taking on the regulation of social workers in England – is not being funded from registration fees. This means that registrants are not paying for the necessary amendments to our materials due to our change of name or the work to allow social workers in England to join our Register. We have received a grant from the Department of Health to cover the cost of this work.

FAQ What do I need to do now?

If your website or other communications materials include our contact details, you will need to amend these.

There is no deadline for the discontinuation of the old registration logo or a requirement for registrants to change their marketing materials immediately. Where possible, we hope that registrants will move to the new logo as soon as possible, but understand that some may need time to use up stock of stationery or materials. We are not asking registrants to incur undue costs as a result of this change, but to gradually phase in the changes where they can.

If you need advice about this, you can contact the Communications Department.

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