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Changing the visual aspects of this site

This website is compatible with all general internet browsers.

Zoom options

The main browsers allow you to zoom into the content on the page. This option can usually be found within the ‘View’ option on your menu toolbar (shortcut key ‘Alt’ ‘V’).

You can also use the shortcut key to zoom. Hold the CTRL key or the Option key on a Macintosh (⌘), and press either the plus ( ) or minus (-) keys to zoom in and out of a web page.

To return the zoom to the default setting, hold the ‘Ctrl’ key or the ‘Option’ key on a Macintosh (⌘), and press the ‘Zero’ (0) key.

Text Size
- for Internet Explorer

You can change the size of text that is displayed within your browser.

You can adjust the text by selecting ‘View’ (shortcut key ‘Alt’ ‘V’) from the menu toolbar within the Internet Explorer browser.

Then select 'Text Size' (shortcut key (‘X’) from the menu and then another menu listing the possible sizes to select will appear. This ranges from ‘Smallest’ to ‘Largest’. Select your preferred size by clicking the option or by pressing the ‘Enter’ key.

Font and background colour changes
- for Internet Explorer

To apply font and background colour changes within Internet Explorer, select ‘Tools’ (shortcut key ‘Alt’ ‘T’) from the menu and then select the option ‘Internet Options’.

On the ‘General’ tab, select the 'Accessibility' button (shortcut key ‘Alt’ ‘E’).

Within this section, click on and select the three boxes
1.'Ignore colours specified on web page'
2.'Ignore font styles specified on web page'
3.'Ignore font sizes specified on web page'

Click ‘OK’ (or press ‘Enter’) to bring you back to the ‘Internet Options’ window box.

Now select the ‘Colours’ button (shortcut key ‘Alt’ ‘O’) and uncheck the box next to ‘Use Windows colours’ (shortcut key ‘Alt’ ‘W’).

Now you can select your own ‘Text’, ‘Background’ and link (‘Visited’, ‘Unvisited’ and ‘Hover’) colours from those available.

After the colours have been defined, click on the ‘OK’ button on the current tab and then ‘OK’ on the ‘Internet Options’ tab.

Keyboard shortcuts


The main browsers will let you scroll down though a webpage without the use of the scrollbars. On your keyboard, press the ‘Space bar’ key to scroll down through the sites content.

Full screen

Most browsers will let you view the website in full screen. On your keyboard, hold the ‘Alt’ button and then press enter, or alternatively, press the ‘F11’ key. To return to the desktop browser view, repeat the previous key combination.

Switching between links

Some browsers will let you skip between links by using the ‘Tab’ key on your keyboard. The highlighted link will be outlined on the screen. To move to a previous link, hold down the ‘Shift’ key and then press the ‘Tab’ key.

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