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What happens if someone else raises a concern about one of my employees?

We may receive information from members of the public, the police or another source about one of your employees which may mean we need to ask you for information as their employer or manager.

This may include the service user records of the person who has complained or more information about a particular incident.

If you are a registrant yourself, you should co-operate with any investigation about the conduct or competence of others, or care, treatment or other services provided to service users.

Article 25(1) of the Health and Social Work Professions Order 2001 gives us the power to make a person or organisation give us information or produce documents which appear relevant to fitness to practise allegations. There are some exceptions to this power, listed in the Article from paragraph (3) – (5).

What can you tell me?

Fitness to practise investigations are private and we do not publicise the fact that we are investigating a registrant. However, if the Investigating Committee Panel decide there is a case to answer, we will tell you about the investigation as you are the registrant’s employer or manager. We may also contact you about the investigation before this point if it is appropriate.

We issue an alerts list every month giving details of case outcomes and registrants who have interim orders made against them. To receive these alerts, please email us at ftp@hcpc-uk.org.

What can an employee do during an investigation?

Registrants can continue to practise while we investigate a case unless we have imposed an interim order preventing them from practising or placing restrictions on their practice. Registrants cannot remove themselves from our Register while there are fitness to practise proceedings outstanding against them.

Supporting your employee

We understand that employers and managers often want to provide guidance and support to employees when they are the subject of a fitness to practise investigation.

It may be helpful to suggest that the registrant gets advice from their union or professional body (if they are a member of either) or Citizens Advice, or to get legal representation. Other organisations that may be helpful are listed here.

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