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Before the hearing

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Getting to the venue

Hearings are usually held at our dedicated offices in Kennington, South London. Details of how to find us can be found here.

Hearings are also held in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales if the Registrant concerned has a registered address in these countries. If you are asked to attend a hearing in these countries, address details will be sent to you in advance.

Support for those with disabilities

The offices have wheelchair access and a loop system for the hearing impaired.

If you are attending a hearing and have a disability, communication difficulties or any other additional needs, please contact us in advance by email at ftphearings@hcpc-uk.org or by telephone on 44 (0)20 7840 9817 so we can discuss arrangements to make your visit or participation at a hearing accessible.

Types of hearings

After investigation allegations are put before a panel of our Investigating Committee to determine whether there is a ‘case to answer’.

This Committee meets in private and panels do not make a decision about whether the allegation is proven; but can only decide whether it is probable that the HCPC will be able to prove the allegation at a final hearing. If they believe it can, they will refer the complaint to a hearing for further consideration.

If a panel decides that there is a case to answer it will be heard by one of the following committees:

  • A panel of the Conduct and Competence Committee
    (for cases about misconduct, lack of competence convictions or cautions, decisions by other regulators and barring decisions).
  • A panel of the Health Committee
    (for cases where the health of the professional may be affecting their ability to practise).
  • Another panel of the Investigating Committee
    (for cases where an entry to the Register may have been made fraudulently or incorrectly).

Interim order hearings

If an allegation is serious enough to suggest that a registrant may cause harm to themselves or other people, or there are other reasons in the public interest, we may apply for an interim order to prevent them from practising, or to place limits on their practise, until their case is heard. If an interim order is imposed it will apply immediately.

If we apply for an interim order, a hearing will be held at relatively short notice. The panel who hear the application will decide whether the allegation is serious enough for an interim order. If the panel imposes an interim order, another panel will review it after six months and then every three months after that.

Hearings are usually heard in public. Sometimes part or all of hearings are held in private due to confidential information involved, e.g. health considerations. Even if a panel holds a hearing in private, any decisions the panel makes and the reasons for them still need to be given in public.

Details of forthcoming and previous hearings can be found by clicking here.

HCPC legislation and procedures

The following documents help to explain our procedures and offer guidance on specific issues at hearings.

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