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Raising awareness

What else are we doing to raise awareness of registration?

We distribute public information materials to raise service users’ awareness of the HCPC to the following organisations on an annual basis:

  • GP surgeries
    To the Practice Managers in 6,000 GP surgeries across the UK. We ask surgeries to display HCPC leaflets to raise awareness amongst patients.
  • Patient Advisory and Liaison Services (PALS)
    To NHS PALS Mangers in PCTs, hospitals, ambulance trusts, mental health trusts and community healthcare trusts. We ask that our posters and leaflets are displayed where appropriate and that details of our fitness to practise process are available for service users who have concerns.
  • Pharmacies
    To 22,000 pharmacies. We ask pharmacies to display HCPC leaflets to raise awareness among customers.

We also have ongoing advertising initiatives to raise awareness among service users searching for services. Our adverts encourage service users to check with us that their health and care professional is registered:

  • Google ads
    Our Google ads are seen over 200,000 times every month with over 2,000 users visiting our website.

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