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Revised guidance on confidentiality published

30/10/2017 - 09:00

Revised guidance on confidentiality published

Today sees the relaunch of our Guidance on confidentiality, which provides advice for registrants on how they should handle and share information about service users.

The guidance was originally published in February 2008 and we carried out an extensive review of this in 2016. This was to consider changes to legislation and make amendments in line with our revised Standards of conduct, performance and ethics. The review included a public consultation which found that, although the requirements were generally considered to be working well, there was a need for further guidance in areas.

One of the main changes is a clarified definition of ‘consent’ by a service user to the use or disclosure of confidential information – in that it must be voluntary, informed and given by an individual with the capacity to make the decision.

We have also added references to guidance from other organisations such as professional bodies and topics which we often receive queries about, such as electronic records and sharing information about children and young people.

The guidance does not cover every situation where problems or challenges relating to confidentiality might come up, but does summarise some of the most important issues and provides key principles which registrants should think about and apply in their practice.

Michael Guthrie, Director of Policy and Standards  commented:

“The Guidance on confidentiality is a key piece of guidance for registrants. The feedback we’ve had from stakeholders has been immensely helpful in making sure the new guidance supports registrants navigate a difficult area.”

Download a copy of the revised Guidance on confidentiality from our publications section.

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