FTP annual report 2017 and key information document published

13/11/2017 - 09:00

New FTP annual report launched covering activity from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017.

The Fitness to practise annual report 2017 and accompanying key information document are now published. These highlight our work in considering allegations about the fitness to practise of our registrants between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017.

The report highlights that whilst our Register has increased by 2.5 per cent and new fitness to practise concerns have increased by 6.2 per cent, the proportion of the Register affected still remains low, with only 0.64 per cent of registrants being subject to a new concern.

Source of complaints

Members of the public continue to be the largest complainant group, making up 41 per cent of the total number of concerns raised, a decrease of five per cent over the last two years.


Although fewer cases have been considered by an Investigating Committee Panel (ICP), there has been an increase in the proportion of cases where the ICP has decided that there is a case for the registrant to answer. The case to answer decision rate in 2016–17 is 71 per cent compared to 63 per cent in 2015–16.

We have also seen a significant increase in hearings activity this year, with 39 per cent more cases being concluded at a final hearing in 2016–17 compared to 2015–16.

Other activities

We continue to work with a number of other organisations, having collaborated with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), other regulators and NHS and social care organisations.

We also realigned the Fitness to Practise Department to provide greater specialisation in the case management process. This included:

• establishing a dedicated team responsible for the initial receipt and risk assessment of fitness to practise concerns and a dedicated team responsible for the preparation of cases for a final hearing following a case-to-answer decision; and

• enhancing the independence of the adjudication function by establishing the Health and Care Professionals Tribunal Service (HCTPS) providing greater separation of the investigation and adjudication of fitness to practise cases.

To read the report or the key information document in full visit the reports section of our website.